"To stand out in your career, be passionate and put in your utmost effort."

For Vicki, to be able to do what she truly loves is the most fortunate thing. It allowed her to discover herself and fulfil her purpose in life.

"Remember to travel; if possible, to the ends of the earth."

During Vicki's free-spirited travels, she not only witnessed breathtaking sights but experienced different sides of humanity.

With an open mind, she discovered life's many facades, which helped to build CHANDO's core values.

"Return home when you feel fatigue."

Every home smells uniquely different.

The tantalizing smell of your mother's dishes, the musky smell of fallen leaves outside your house,

the smell of fresh laundry in your wardrobe,or the smell of sun's warmth on your quilt cover.

Follow that familiar smell and return to the embrace of your welcoming and endearing home.

"I like to have plants in my home
as they shower me with warmth and surround me with vitality."

Nature is CHANDO's favourite source of inspiration.

The sceneries and smells from Nature give us the strength to start afresh. After all, we are Nature's children.

"Life has many facades.
A minor turn, a trivial change, will result in a totally new perspective."

After a long and intense day, brew a cup of coffee, relish in a fresh pot of tea.

Slow down your usual fast pace and let your body relax.

Take some time to take in the fresh scent of blooming flowers along the sidewalk.

As you inhale, your worries take on a new perspective and you realize things are better as they seemed.