Title: 2013/1 Chando Invited to Maison & Objet Trade Show

Maison & Objet is considered one of three most renowned trade shows in Europe.

 Its most attractive quality is that it is always on trend.

Since 2008, every January, Meuble Paris Home Furnishing show and 

Maison & Objet go hand in hand in portraying home needs together. 

These innovative and international trade shows brings to show goers the best product.

On 168000 square meters of show ground, and close to 4000 exhibitors portray their latest and designs. 

Maison & Objet with Meuble Paris are positioned as internationally known furniture and decor conventions. 

In addition, the frequent appearance of professional designers and renowned figures in the industry draws attentions of visitors around the world.

Within these 5 days, all kinds of culture and trends permeate throughout various events.

 You will find the most innovative ideas of the home furnishing industry here. 

A biannual profession gathering in the most beautiful city in the world.

Meanwhile, Chando will bring her Eastern fragrance knowledge and elegant porcelain designs once again

 to the highly anticipated SPA & Fragrance Hall 5 to be among the worlds leading fragrance brands, 

including CULTI, VOLUSPA, BAOBAB, ESTEBAN, etc. Chando in tandem with these renowned brands, 

will bring a harmony of fragrance to the visitors.