2013/9, Chando Invited to Tokyo International Gift Show

This exhibition is organized by Business Guide-Sha, Inc., which garnered support from many ambassadors and Japan’s corporation associations. 

Due to the culture of gifting in Japan, many Japanese consumers will search for the perfect gift every year during Christmas, Mother’s day, 

Valentine’s day, and birthdays. Market size is a considerable 120 million dollars. Many foreign corporations see this show as a shortcut into this market, 

and it is proven to provide a positive return.

Japan is a consumer powerhouse. Its product updates at a significant speed, while maintaining environmentally sound with solid quality. 

The products participating at this show mainly pertains to medium to high position products. From the data of the organizers, 

83% of visitors sees this show the most valuable convention for successful deals and seeking valuable market information.

 Among visitors, 90% are professional buyers or decision makers. Exhibitors generally agree this show is the best way for

 foreign corporations and factories to enter the Japanese market.

This time we invite Chando, which focuses on elevating lifestyle and customer experience. 

Life cannot be without fragrance and beauty. Chando prides itself in carrying the name of “Artisan of Ambience.”

Promoting the elegant fragrance and beautiful Aroma Porcelain in to every lifestyle, 

and for every visiting customer a fashionable experience.