CHANDO invited to attend May Design

May Design Series is a very professional trade show. In 2014, more than 400 exhibitors participated in this show, 

and according to projections, nearly 700 exhibitors will attend in 2015.

Although the first exhibition was just held in May 2013, May Design Series has already attracted over 10000 visitors,

 while inheriting the Birmingham Spring Show as the largest furniture show.

This event specially invited CHANDO, a home fragrance brand that improves ambience and innovation of lifestyle, 

reflects its focus and dedication to customers in every detail. How can life’s beauty be expressed without the ornament of fragrance and artistry? 

Known as the Artisan of Ambience, home fragrance brand CHANDO advocates the integration of elegant fragrance and 

aroma porcelain into lifestyle for each visitor. CHANDO will bring its brand new and exquisite experience to every visitor.