Frankfurt Ambiente

The world’s consumer products industry convene in Frankfurt on 2018/2/9-2/13. The Frankfurt International Spring Consumer Product

 Trade Show (Referred to below as Ambiente)is the industry’s leading location to research trends, and the world’s annual highlight.


As a crossroad for buyers and designers alike, Ambiente mainly associate with three categories of products and services: culinary products, home, 

and gifts, which cover industries such as restaurants, kitchen, home product, luxury goods and lifestyle, gifts and home decor etc.

2018 Frankfurt Ambiente Event Hall View

Ambiente attracts buyers and distributors from every corner of the world. It is the largest trade show that Chando participates in. 

During Ambiente, the elegant booth display of Chando attracted visitors from all backgrounds.

2018 Frankfurt Ambiente Booth

Chando takes pride in its Aroma Porcelain technology; the detail craftsmanship is especially prevalent, with every product going through at least 6 different polishing steps, 

purely handmade, which is then followed by taking the product out of the mold, and adding details by hand. The lifelike pedals are connected by artisans possessing over 10 years of experience,

 infusing it with a cultural touch. The final product from the furnace can diffuse fragrance for over 2 months, with its effects overcoming regular diffusion mediums, even and long lasting.

 The fragrance it diffuses is full of cultural significance and completely turns traditional fragrance diffusion on its head.

A brand that prides itself in its Chinese heritage, Chando is invited to New York, Germany, France, and Japan. Significant as its brand image and managerial direction,

 Chando not only complete an innovation, but also prepared for its global debut. Chando’s appearance marked a hopeful future in the fragrance industry.


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