June 2017 Chando was invited to attend CEIBS Taiwan Alumni Annual Forum & Enterprise Expo

Life is closely related to business. In a high degree of competition, how do enterprises make successful transformation and how do people have a complete life? 

This event specifically invited Prof. Weiru Chen as moderator and three CEIBS Taiwan alumni to do a business transformation case sharing. 

Taiwan Business Week founder Jin Wei Chun, a person admired by mainstream social value and a media leader, 

is also invited to share his book about complete life and enterprise management . Taiwan enterprise fair will also be hold outside of the venue.

This time we invite Chando, which focuses on elevating lifestyle and customer experience.

 Life cannot be without fragrance and beauty. Chando prides  itself in carrying the name of “Artisan of Ambience.”

Promoting the elegant fragrance and beautiful Aroma Porcelain in to every lifestyle,and for every visiting customer a fashionable experience.