CHANDO was invited to attend Spring Fair International in Birmingham UK

Spring Fair is UK’s largest annual trade show for gifts and also the world’s second largest gift show. 

With a history of 40 years, organized in Spring and Autumn each year, this event became a time-honored and high-end exposition. 

It hosts more than 3000 exhibitors and 64000 buyers. Total transaction value of £2.4 billion was created during this event. 

Assessed by Keynote, a market research company in UK, UK gift market size will be £50billion in 2015, in which more than 50% products imported from Asia,

 including China, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan. Asian products keep popular in UK for its price and quality. 

89% of exhibitors believe that this Spring Fair is crucial to their business development, 

and the vast majority of buyers come from various western countries as Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Central and South America, 

the Middle East and other countries, among which are more well-known large-scale buyers, including Amazon, Tesco, John Lewis, Harvey Nicolas, etc

This time we invite Chando, which focuses on elevating lifestyle and customer experience. Life cannot be without fragrance and beauty.

 Chando prides itself in carrying the name of “Artisan of Ambience.”Promoting the elegant fragrance and

beautiful Aroma Porcelain in to every lifestyle, and for every visiting customer a fashionable experience.