Fashion Cooperation A Fabulous Floral Gift

A Fashion Cooperation A Fabulous Floral Gift


On 2018 International Women’s Day, or fondly referred to in China as “Day of the Goddesses,” leading fragrance brand Chando and Flowering Life cooperates across industries, 

combining everlasting roses and fashionable fragrance together for an interesting cross brand product - giving you the most unique sweetness!

Flowering Life is China’s leading daily floral service shop. First appeared through “online florists” business model,

 through its high service quality online sales channel, provided floral products throughout China.


Fragrance Gifts for The Love of Your Life


Butterfly Floral Love

When Everlasting Flower Meets Aroma Porcelain


For your long awaited everlasting flower

Let the everlasting flower and fragrances perfect harmony

Finally flowing gently into your life

With the warmth of Spring


Everlasting Flower, is the product from the preservation of fresh flowers. From the hills of Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador, the fresh cut roses are perfectly preserved in their prime state. 

This state can be preserved for 3-5 years. In recent years, it have became the industries high end designers art design product.


Everlasting Flower Everlasting Company


Women are like flowers, we give you everlasting flowers

To prove that youth can also be everlasting

You can gift your loved one

To yourself, best friend, or mother

Tell her, love yourself first, enjoy life

Youth will be forever with those who treats themselves well


Delicate Gift Box A Gift of Love


Roses and Butterfly accompanies you

Sweet yet gentle times

Also a great time to release yourself

Like your best friend, sweet youth

You can enjoy sweet and subtle scent filled with fortune

You can also spread livelihood with your best friend

With Porcelain Aroma

Flower and Fragrance’s Symphony


Product Information

Butterfly Floral Love

For your loved ones


Brand: Flowering Life

Flower: Rose, bouquet

Origin: Ecuador

Product Size: 12*12*8.5cm

Product Description: Ecuador Everlasting Flower with Chando Aroma Porcelain - Spring Blossom, like a forever lasting romance


Recommend Space

For the visual feast

Subtle fragrance, refreshing atmosphere

Room Decoration

Set piece + flameless Diffuser


Car Diffuser

For a classy and comfortable ambience