Wang Xiao Hui and Chando Cooperates to Bring You - An Art Exhibition

Wang Xiao Hui and Chando Cooperates to Bring You - An Art Exhibition


Chando, as the leading fragrance brand in China, creates a cross industry cooperation event with German based artist - Wang Xiao Hui.

This passionate and artful event collided at Shanghai Super brand Himalaya Mall to create the most lively fragrance art project - The Sleeping Lotus

With the soft smell of The Sleeping Lotus, we bring you into a 4D world of fragrance, art, and beauty.


Wang Xiao Hui - renowned photographer and artist based in Germany, once received the “German-China Friendship award” from the German government. 

Besides her natural talent and accomplishments in the art world, she contributes greatly to the exchange of Chinese culture.


In this art exhibition, Chando utilized Wang Xiao Hui’s renowned lotus and reproduced it in the most stunning white porcelain.

Chando and Wang Xiao Hui cooperated to create The Sleeping Lotus, along with its signature fragrance the “Midnight Lotus.” The beauty of the lotus transforms your world into a dreamland.

 Its not just a expression of fragrance, but also art and beauty’s most contemporary form.


In addition, the event uses multi-media and lighting techniques to enhance the art, combined with Chando’s Sleeping Lotus subtle fragrance, entrances the visitors into a beautiful flower maze.


This special art exhibition, Chando and Wang Xiao Hui created the perfect blend of life and art, an art land dedicated to beauty.