Chando Invited to CEIBS Taiwan Alumni Enterprise Expo

In a highly competitive environment, innovation is an important issue for every enterprise leadership.

Renowned CEIBS, one of the top business schools, invited Professor Chen Wei Ru to host a seminar feature three esteemed alumni to share their experiences in this subject.

CEIBS also invited the pan-Asia communication guru Jin Wei Chun to share his wisdom in running an enterprise and life, while hosting the CEIBS Taiwan Alumni Enterprise Expo.


CEIBS invited the fragrance brand “Chando,” a brand that elevates lifestyle and fragrance innovation, while scrutinizing every detail to bring their customers the best care and experience.


How can life’s beauty be without fragrance and beauty’s decoration? Home fragrance brand “Chando” boasts their “Artisan of Ambiance” status, promoting merging the elegance of fragrance and Aroma Porcelain into every lifestyle, bring a contemporary experience to every visitor.