Chando Enters Shanghai Oriental Department Store Nan Dong Store

Nanjing East Road is Shanghai’s geographical and administration center. It is also Shanghai’s best cultural outlet, its history of development is miniature display of Shanghai’s own development.

This area used to be renowned for leisure. Nanjing Road’s original name is “Park Avenue” for is leisurely environment. Chinese locals even fondly called it “The Big Road.”

 From the end of 19th to the beginning of 20th century, Nanjing Road is already renowned as the foreigner street, the leisure businesses on each side of the road still stands, 

such as Da Guang Ming Movie Theater, Xia Ling Pei Ke Movie Theater, Xian Shi Corporation, Xin Xin Corporation’s roof top theme park. 20th century’s 90’s Nanjing East Road became a pedestrian street, which is the promotion for its leisure traditions.

For half a century, China built many contemporary and innovative administration facilities, all starting from Nanjing Dong Road. China’s gas powered light, eletrical lights, saw its beginning here; China’s Genghis Road, railway car, escalator, started here;

 China’s neon lights, skyscrapers, large arcades, began here. The international hotel that stood 24 floors tall, stood as China’s tallest for half a century here.

Loaded with the memories of Shanghai, Oriental Department Store is renovating. Once Shanghai’s fashion land mark, Oriental Department Store (Shanghai Nanjing East Road), after months of deep adjustments and planning, finally reopened recently. After its upgrade, Oriental Departments will become the C section of “No.1 Shopping Center,” positioned as “Youth Activity Center.” It will include live performances, virtual reality, streaming, offline activities, theme activities etc. It may even become the macca of the 2D world (animations, games).

Upon its opening, Oriental Department Store brings in Chando, the top fragrance brand that takes care of its consumer’s needs in detail.


How can life’s beauty be without fragrance and beauty’s decoration? Home fragrance brand “Chando” boasts their “Artisan of Ambiance” status, promoting merging the elegance of fragrance and 

Aroma Porcelain into every lifestyle, bring a contemporary experience to every visitor.