Chando Awarded Lifestyle Producer’s Pick by Travel Zoo 2018

As Spring passes, China’s tourist accumulated to 6.5 million, with over 10 million spent.


These tourist from all over the world, whether or not they are using their own money, represents “Popular tourist attractions for deep visits, and less popular tourist attractions for personal tastes.”

Here is the question:

So many destinations, even more websites for tourist products, how to choose? What to buy?


How do we choose from the variety of travel products, hotel brands, tourist destinations, restaurants, lifestyle products,

 in the shortest amount of time and receive the safest, satisfying, guarantee, cheapest, most unique product brands?


Seeing this difficulty, renowned travel lifestyle magazine Travel Zoo, gathered their expert branding team from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, 

compared to their 2017 bestselling brands, the expert’s 24/7 lifestyle observations,their deep knowledge of brands, personal experience, 

nd chose the best of the best product from different industries for the “2018 Editor’s Picks.

We are proud to say that, the experts of Travel Zoo have chosen the only fragrance brand that can represent scent and visual beauty - Chando - as the best of the fragrance industry!

We look forward to Chando’s beauty designs in 2018 bringing more surprises and colors for their customers!