Chando’s new look, unstoppable aesthetics

Chando’s new look, unstoppable aesthetics!


9/12-9/15, Shanghai Expo Center, Modern Shanghai Home Furnishing Fashion Show

Today is the day, the annual Shanghai Home Furnishing Fashion Show

Chando made its appearance in this highly prestigious home furnishing show.


The exhibition filled with people.


Chando H1C21

Chando’s Story

The enjoyment of fragrance, an extension from scent to visual.

1977, Vicki Chen’s family began its porcelain artistry career. Vicki dedicated her life to studying East-West visual beauty and porcelain, saw an opportunity for innovation of porcelain technology in the industry of fragrance.

 When Eastern porcelain artistry meets Western modern fragrance, the layers of fragrance sees a grand innovation, adding a mystic Eastern feel to Western beauty. In 2009, with Eastern lifestyle philosophy and Eastern spirit as brand DNA, 

Chando, the brand that combines visual and fragrance beauty into dual artistry, is born.We come to Chando’s booth, the first sight is filled with fragranced lotus combined art installation, named “graceful scent lotus.”


Chando wish to greet all ladies with lotuses, and the send the message to live life like a lotus. Observe life, be yourself, tomorrow will be better, all of us will bloom with beauty.


In another special display, Chando not only brought innovative design ideas, but they also placed an artisan to showcase the 42 process of manufacturing Aroma Porcelain.


Behind every porcelain, formula design, innovative designs, and assembly lines are the not only supports. The unwavering attitude, with the ultimate artisan spirit for perfectionism, creates a wonderful meeting of fragrance and beauty.


Visitors are all very curious. The beautiful, functional Aroma Porcelain’s artistry value and speciality. Through this exhibition, Chando created a perfect communication with their customers.


Chando share not only original fragrance products, but we also want to help our visitors feel the charm of fragrance through interactive displays.


Chando set interesting “fragrance guessing” activity at their booth, a short yet magical experience.


2017 New Product Release

Modern Shanghai Home Furnishing Fashion Show


Modern Shanghai Home Furnishing Fashion Show, Chando H1C21