Chando “Hello Kitty” Collection - The Return to Youth

Small round face, pink bow, and a cute expression. If we have to give youth a synonym,

 it would be Hello Kitty! From the 70’s to today, Hello Kitty accumulated countless fans - from 5 to 50 years old, 

from celebrities to the little girl next door.

To many adults, Hello Kitty represents a determination, the gentleness after a hard day at work, a purity in a world of chaos, 

an innocence after generations, its the truest form of a woman.

When romantic fragrance meets dreamy and cute Hello Kitty, just how irresistible will it be? Chando’s designers, 

after long and careful design, from careful details and selective fragrances, accomplished this feat. Chando x Hello Kitty finally hits the shelves.

Elegantly designed bottle, soft yet enticing fragrance emits from the reeds, filling every corner of the room. 

Sitting in front of your desk, observing, enjoying the soft fragrance. Closing your eyes, childhood dream still within reach. 

Take off your high heels and professional skirts, change into home slippers and casual wear, release yourself from a day of stress.

 The cute image of Hello Kitty instantly relaxes you.

We not only have a room decor, but we also have one for to car to keep the sweet fragrance around you. 

If it is your personal space, you can do what ever you want!

Hope for your childhood dreams to come true,

Hope for the innocent smile to remain after lifelong of experiences

Hope for the love to always be around,

Hope you will never lose that “useless” yet priceless youthful heart!

Chando x Hello Kitty Collection, elegant, cute, romantic,

 just for those youthful hearts within you.