Book & Fragrance l Chando Enters 12 Locations at Yan Ji You

Besides high rises, shopping centers, the best place in a city that relaxes and holds memory would definitely be its cultural significance. 

Culture, is a city’s software and soul.The bookstores hidden within the city is decorating the soul of the city. 

Promoting the cultural significance, brings a sense of sophistication even in this bustling city.

In recent years, internet shopping affected brick and mortar bookstores, many bookstores are closing down. However, one bookstore endures.

 The bookstore is named Yan JI You, which opened many stores across the country. What is this place? Accurately speaking,

 this is not a bookstore with only books, not a coffeeshop with only coffee, not only a market for innovative products.

 Bookstore is not only a location for selling books, but also a lifestyle.” said the founder, “At Yan Ji You, we need to live,

 not to be alive.” This innovation and merger of elements is a brand new future for bookstores.

Here, you will forget about the bustling city, and enter into the world of books, enjoy a well deserved rest.

In the innovation market, the products are full of freedom and expressiveness. There are no deadlines to meet.

Like Yan Ji You, Chando is not only a fragrance experience, but also an elegant lifestyle choice.

This similarity for cultural pursuit shared between the two brands allowed Chando to enter into 10 locations with Yan Ji You.

This cooperation made Chando an attractive sight in the innovative markets of Yan Ji You.

If you want book and fragrance, come to Yan Ji You for the best of times.