Chando Once Again Represents The East in 2018 M&O

Paris, the city of fashion.

Every year in September, “Paris Design Week”arrives. The city is extra dreamy  during this period. Every street is a scenery. Every encounter is a visual impact.


Renowned as the world’s best home decor and furnishing show in the world, Maison & Objet’s impact can be seen far and wide, 

attracting around 100,000 show goers and over 3000 exhibitors.

On September 7th, Maison & Objet 2018 is under way. The world’s best home furnishing brand and world class designers converges at this show, 

bringing the world a visual treat. 

Since 2011, Chando is continuously invited to this show, as the only international fragrance brand representing China to the present.

Every season’s Maison & Object is revolved around the themes of “Maison (Home)” and “Objet (Decoration)” with different show categories. 

M&O focuses on luxury, designs, decor, and accessories, representing the contemporary furniture, decorations, hand crafted item, home accessories, fashion accessories, 

home clothing, home furnishings/wall papers, etc. Bringing the latest in world furnishings latest trends.

With “Maison” and “Objet” at its core, the show reorganized this year. Compared to previous shows, the new show will return to its roots:

Maison show floor will include: Unique, Today, Craft, it’s a conglomeration of different ideals.

Objet show floor is separated into 7 themes, providing better services for buyers world-wide: 

Cook&Share, Smart Gift, Fashion Accessories、Kids&FamilHome Accessories、Home FragranceHome Linen.

Chando’s innovation brings Chinese Porcelain into fragrance design, allowing every scent to be expressed artistically. 

Chinese Porcelain manufacturing colliding with Western fragrance design creates a duality of sight and scent, from the formless to tangible, 

directing every smell to their unique homes, and provides these traditional artisan products with brand new innovation.

2018 M&O is a platform for Chinese fragrance innovation and traditional culture to shine, this Eastern wind received praises from buyers worldwide.

42 manufacturing steps, 40 years of persistence, allowed Eastern traditional culture to bloom on an international stage.