Modern Shanghai Expo, Chando’s Popularity Soars

9/14 marks the end of Modern Shanghai Home Furnishing Expo.

This year’s Modern Shanghai Home Furnishing Expo is separated into two areas, with over 70 expo activities, 2 dedicated bus lines, connecting Shanghai’s urban art and home furnishing culture. On 9/9, registered guests of this show arrived at 187,530, showing an increase of 8.6%. Chando immediately became this show’s popular attraction.

The fragrance can be felt even before entering the booth. Even those who are in a rush can help but stop and admire the aesthetics of Chando products. Since 9/11, Chando’s popularity remained high for 4 days.

Viewers who are experiencing Chando for the first time expressed burning curiosity for our Porcelain manufacturing process. Porcelain that can act as a diffuser, but also provide so many different forms? Compared to many fragrance’s brands fixed aesthetics, porcelain and fragrance combine to give Chando the most pleasing visuals and help it stand out among the crowd.

Chando’s Aroma Porcelain is hand-crafted, with over 6 surface detailing manufacturing steps. Artisans scrutinizes over every line and crevice, putting passion into every product.

Combining the Western lifestyle aesthetic and the Eastern Spirit, building a visual and scent dual beauty, overturning traditional fragrance concepts, Chando is revitalizing the fragrance industry.