CHANDO×TIE FOR HER︱Special Cross-Industry Valentine Event, Setting New Spring Trends

Chando and the high-end clothing company - TIE FOR HER cooperates to prove women’s beauty have endless possibilities.

TIE FOR HER was founded in 2016 as China’s first women suit tailor company. 

TIE FOR HER focuses on serving the independent, confident, and positive modern women.Since its inception, TIE FOR HER have received praises from ladies of high society and top celebrities and is often the top choice for women appearing on magazine covers and red carpet reveals.

TIE FOR HER manufacture their clothing only from accessories imported internationally and fabrics imported from Italy,

 where tailors stitch by hand to create the uniquely tailored TIE FOR HER outfit.

The inter-industry cooperation between Chando and TIE FOR HER is a connection between artisans.

42 processes creates Chando’s Aroma Porcelain, where beauty leaps from the fingers of the Artisan.

Serenity, pure, unencumbered. Let beauty extend to the extremes.

Excellent fragrances and trends from Europe and Japan, through our perfumer’s meticulous blending, creates our unique elegant fragrance experience.

When beauty meets beauty, fashion clashes with fashion, and the heart of artisans unite, Chando and TIE FOR HER brings a journey of a lifetime this Valentine.