Chando at Frankfurt Ambiente l An International Design Festival, A Grand Stage for Aroma Porcelain

As ambiente arrives, Chando is once again invited to join this design festival.


Chando’s uniquely designed aesthetics introduced a brand new concept to many show attendees.

The new Marble Collection, full of Eastern ink styles, full blooms at Ambiente, attracted countless eyes at the show.



Collecting fragrance materials from all over the world, trends from Europe and Japan, meticulously blended fragrance experience. 

From the hands of our perfumers, to an easy atmosphere in the household.

The clash of porcelain and fragrance brings a brand new meaning to ambiance.


When the inspiration of designers meets the meticulousness of artisans, every pedal of the porcelain flower is enhanced with realism, fusing every product with soft touch and culture.

 Our porcelain can absorb and release fragrance for 2 months, diffusion effectiveness is above other mediums. The Aroma Porcelain diffuses fragrance evenly with longevity.

 Our innovation have completely revamped the traditional approach to home fragrance, adding a completely new visual experience.


From Shanghai to Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Frankfurt, Chando provides a brand new collaboration between traditional porcelain manufacturing and fragrance art.

 Fragrance found its home, and porcelain found its soul.

A journey of scent and beauty is beginning all around the world.