Chando’s Cross Industry Cooperation with Lust & M, Showcasing Contemporary Beauty of Women

Jewelry is a woman’s best friend. A fitting necklace will enhance her presence.

Fragrance is a woman’s wordless language. Through scent, everyone can feel her soul’s livelihood and passion.

New Arrival - Marble Reed Doorway Fragrance Set

While rose laid on marble plate, accompanied by green leaves, produces a reticent ambience. 

Place in the doorway, every return to home is like turning on the switch to happiness.

Chando cross industry cooperation with jewelry, portraying the contemporary beauty of women. 

Pearls and white roses, is purity through trails and tribulations, as clear as a woman’s heart through hardships.

A room of irises and orchids, perfumes a woman and her pearls. Another romantic encounter awaits her with the scents and pearls.

White rose and cherry blossom’s interesting merger. White rose’s beauty is contained, and cherry blossom’s beauty is colorful and blooming. 

Like a woman: the confidence when chasing her dreams, and the calmness when she is alone. Difference, gives beauty many different options.

Fragrance and porcelain, creates the most beautiful merger between scent and beauty.

Pearl and gold’s jewelry combination, comes from a woman’s self understanding.

From Lust & M and Chando.