Chando Blooms at 2019 Maison Shanghai

The annual Modern Furniture Show in Shanghai comes to a close. Attending the show, as always, is Chando.


Modern Shanghai is the furniture industry’s leading trade show. Top brands of furniture decor, interior decor, 

interactive designs are all showcased here, bringing an unique and contemporary taste.

This trade show not only brings the best buyers from around the world, it is also a heaven for shopping.


Whether you’re a designer, design company, or online/offline buyer, you will find what you need.


Chando’s theme in this year’s show is “delivering joy through windmills.” Combining numerous windmills into our booth design, 

the spin of the windmill evenly distributes the scent throughout the booth, attracting the attention of many show attendees. 

Our live sculpting session also attracted many to spectate.

Many years ago, Chando’s Aroma Porcelain was born, breathing a brand new breath into the fragrance industry. 

Innovating the porcelain design, allowing it to breathe, with porcelain as the medium for fragrance diffusion, fusing scent and beauty.


Artisan’s attention to detail on every stroke of the pen and knife, shows the unique ability of the artisan spirit,

 infusing fragrance with an artisan look. Chando, the pursuit for fragrance and beauty never ends.