CHANDO collaboration with Van Gogh Museum (Holland)

ventolin hfa


During Vincent Van Gogh's stay in Paris, he made three copies of ukiyo-e prints, one of them being 'The Courtesan'.

 The famous painting was actually a tracing and enlargement of a colour woodblock by Japanese ukiyo-e artist, Keisai Eisen.

CHANDO has invited famous Dutch designer, Edward van Vliet, to this collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum.

 Edward is known for creating new worlds by making unique combination of colours, materials, patterns and shapes. Once again, 

he has successfully created a refreshing and groundbreaking design by fusing Van Gogh's oriental influence with CHANDO's East meets West DNA.

 The final product is a limited edition candle and reed diffuser that is sold exclusively at the Van Gogh Museum in Holland.