Closer than ever before,in the Name of M&O

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A trade fair held in a fashion city was it all supposed to be. Lo and behold, it turned out to be steeped in various home-related connotations. To what magical forces can the unceasing obsession of Chando be imputed?

In the name of “home”, let us gather together on Jan. 20th-24th, 2017, closer and closer…

The Memory of Fragrance

——Connect the past experiences to “My Home” with fragrant scents

Perseverance in perfume excellence; 23 scents, 6 olfactive families; Awaken those unforgettable, wonderful or even vague past moments, relive them through Chando’s perfume products and experience a home that really belongs to you, a style that is specific to you.

Spatial Structure

——Visual+ Olfactory, Bi-dimensional Approach to Create a Real “My Home”

You can’t spell artisan without the word art. Delicate craftsmanship is not all that we aspire to, the art in interpreting and representing the aesthetics of space from a unique perspective is the magical touch that completes our mojo;

Homage to art, Home to You!

Homeware Trends

——Home Can Also Be a Statement of Edgy Fashion and Individuality

Maison has always been hailed as the benchmark of the homeware industry. It earns its reputation not from its bountiful products but from the creativity, imagination, trend and future behind them. Chando, now 7 years into the partnership with Maison, has incorporated such a “forward-looking” style into its own brand’s spirit. And this time, what new amazing surprises will we bring forth?