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The most beautiful bookstore in Shanghai——The Mix-Place

Not just the bookstore,and...

In a bustling city, the only quiet corner that shields away all the noise is a book store.

There are many book stores in Shanghai. You will often hear "Shanghai's most beautiful book store," but only when you really

explore for yourself can you find what Jorge Luis Borges meant when he said: "Paradise will be a kind of library."

Recently, I've discovered a book store that is unlike a book store. "How so?" You may ask.

Because, within this book store they not only have books, but also carry Chando Diffusers and many creative contents.

This book store is the one and only, The MixPlace - Dr. White.

The Mix Place embodies Shanghai citizen's talent for "building a dojo within a seashell,"

 condensing a complex book store system into one small building. Composed of 4 individual buildings, 

The Mix Place redesigned these old timely buildings. With their gray concrete walls, 

the buildings are so independent yet reliant on each other, 

as: The Red Conuture, Dr. White, Mr. Blue, My Black Attitude.

For everyone whose been to The Mix Place should know there are four different buildings,

today we'll be focusing on Dr. White.

「The Dream Magazine Mall」

A dreamy magazine super store under the cover of wutong trees.

2015/11/20, The Mix Place's Dr. White officially opened for business. 

Ever since opening, it has been a popular destination for shoppers,

 yet its popularity never shook its hold on serenity ambience.

This is China's first video media themed book store, and also China's largest

and most professional import magazine store - a magazine museum.

The store carries more than 10000+ products, 25000+ different books,

and 500+ international magazines. Incorporating magazine sales,

museum pieces, new media shows, music speakers, fragrance lifestyle products into one mixed cultural lifestyle area.

This is a MIX book store, a book store and a coffee shop, and Chando Diffusers, with a total of 3 floors.

1F. Movie Themed Area 

As you enter the door, the coffee area is on the left. The first floor fuses movie with coffee culture,

creating the perfect merge of movie/coffee atmosphere, while also hosting regular photo exhibitions. 

When I entered, everyone is quietly reading books, and I rarely found couples taking selfies.

The book shelves are built with artisan spirit, reincorporating old furniture into the shelves,

combining books, media products, building a relaxing area for old life memories and visual beauty.

At the corner of the stairwell, there are many classic movie photos.

2F. Visual Themed Area

The second floor includes books on the topics as: architecture,

photos, drawings, arts, and fashion, combining creative market

and display area. It is the perfect getaway for photographers, artists, and creative workers.

Other book stores and libraries have photography books,

but the difference is that the photography books here are only for professionals,

including famed publishers such as Steil, Taschen, Phaidon, Thasmes & Hudson.

Their collection is unmatched by Shanghai's libraries.

Besides books, the inner corner of the second floor also includes an area for display. Currently,

there is an art exhibition titled "live to consume, a consumerist display."

At the exit of the exhibition sells many creative products.

3F Magazine Museum

The third floor is China's largest and most comprehensive international magazine store. 

Hand picked 500+ domestic and international magazines,

 including those that are not published any more. 

This floor even includes Germany's renowned Gestalten Publishing House area,

 promoting the latest in graphic design trends.

The third floor is also a multi-use studio, with movie music and fragrance as the main theme,

and products such as books, records as support casts.

Chando products is also Mix Place's latest addition, bringing dual artistry of smell and sight.

Every song played here is hand picked by the manager Hu Lei. As for how great Mr. Hu is, 

I've heard much about him since college, so I won't explain more here.

After spending a long time inside, you can approach the balcony

and take in the view. The street lights though the glass is quite romantic.

Today, Xu Jia Hui is bustling as ever. Hen Shan Fang,

like a secret garden, created an utopia for culture, a place of rest for the soul.

We wish you can find a poetic world in today's Shanghai.

If you have time, you must visit The Mix Place. You will find that life can provide so much more.