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QOur Identity

A: CHANDO is from Shanghai, China. We are a home fragrance brand committed to provide our consumers with a uniquely personalized space, satisfying both your olfactory and visual sensations. 

QThe Start of CHANDO

A: CHANDO is established in 1977, with 40 years of experience in the porcelain industry and 19 years in the fragrance industry.

Having spent many years collaborating with world-class designers and topnotch researchers in both our porcelain technology and fragrance formulation, CHANDO is a brand that has both Western and Eastern DNA.


QOur Belief

A: CHANDO - Artisan of Ambience
CHANDO constantly explores the relationship between fragrance and space. This has generated the basis for our dual artistry of smell and sight. Adapting the Western lifestyle with a modern Eastern spirit, CHANDO combines the experience of fragrance with visually appealing designs.

QAroma Porcelain

A: Using a special formula, our patented Aroma Porcelain boasts skin-like characteristics, respiring the fragrance oil via its porous texture yet retaining the smooth texture, a unique porcelain technology. The scent is diffused evenly, creating lasting freshness in your living space. The lasting fragrances combined with exquisite designs generate the ultimate olfactory and visual enjoyment.


QPoint of Purchase

A: CHANDO is available for purchase in 28 countries worldwide, mainly in Europe, USA, Russia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
For more details, you can check out our list of distributors here.
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QProduct Quality

A: To ensure the safety and well-being of our consumers, we have sent our products for tests based on standards from different regions. Our products have passed:

   - SGS toxicity test
   - VOC < 18% CARB certification
   - Europe’s REACH regulation
We purchase our fragrances from the top 10 fragrance suppliers in the world. Each product design and technology has been individually patented. In Europe, we are sold alongside with renowned brands such as Culti, Voluspa, Linari, and Millefiori.


QWhat makes us different?

A: The advantages of our Aroma Porcelain:
Environmentally friendly - Cold throw only (requires no combustion or source of energy)
Lasting and even diffusion - As there is no heat required, the fragrance oil lasts longer and diffuses more evenly
Visual appeal - Using porcelain as our main source of diffusion, our product design is unlimited


QColour change in porcelain

A: The natural ingredients in our fragrance oil will leave a slight tinge of yellow when they cannot evaporate from the surface of the porcelain. This will not affect the diffusing ability of our product.

QWhat makes a good fragrance oil?

A: Lasting and even diffusion -- As there is no alcohol content, our fragrances are more stable. This ensures a lasting and more even diffusion.

Distinct and obvious scent-- Our fragrance oils contains high concentrations of fragrant ingredients, with safe solvents that help evaporation. 

Environmentally friendly -- Our fragrance oils adhere to the VOC regulation of <18% set by the CARB, minimizing indoor air pollutant.

Complex fragrance layers-- Retaining the authentic appeal and character of each ingredient while harmonizing the complex layers of fragrances.

žNo chemical odor


QCan I use my own fragrance oil with CHANDO’s aroma porcelain diffuser? 

A: We do not recommend using your own fragrance oil with our aroma porcelain.
Firstly, our aroma porcelains are designed according to their respective fragrances. Secondly, our aroma porcelains are tested to ensure minimal colour change. This union of fragrance and porcelain fulfills CHANDO’s belief of dual artistry in both smell and sight.
Using our aroma porcelain with untested, third party fragrance oil may cause poor diffusion and unwanted colour change.


Q: Why is my aroma porcelain not diffusing any fragrance?

A: The diffusion rate is correlated to the area of your room. Other underlying factors are temperature, humidity and ventilation. To achieve the best results, please consult our Sales Assistants who will be able to advise you the most suitable product for your living space. 


QHow does CHANDO’s fragrance diffuse without alcohol? What’s wrong with having alcohol?

A: To ensure the fragrances are more durable and evenly diffused without causing harm to your health and our environment, CHANDO has sourced for the highest grade of fragrance oil without alcohol content. 

Since alcohol is very volatile, fragrance oils containing alcohol will evaporate quickly, leaving an impression of fast diffusion. However, as time goes by, the alcohol content is quickly exhausted, resulting in restricted diffusion.

Also, since alcohol is a volatile organic compound (VOC), to ensure the efficiency of the diffusion, some fragrance oils have alcohol content that exceeds the VOC < 18% CARB certification, which contributes to unhealthy indoor conditions.


QWill prolonged use of home fragrance diffusers affect my health?

A: CHANDO’s products have been SGS tested for toxicity. Our products are proven to be safe and comply with the CARB regulations. When used in normal conditions, our products are safe. 


QAre the fragrance oils 100% natural?

A: CHANDO uses both pure essential oil and artificial fragrance oil.


QHow does pure essential oil differ from artificial fragrance oil?

A: Pure essential oil uses all natural ingredients that benefit your health.

Artificial fragrance oil is a combination of natural ingredients and solvents to speed up the diffusion rate. CHANDO ensures our artificial fragrance oil meets the VOC requirements, protecting the environment while offering our customers a wide range of fragrances.


Q: Is the fragrance oil corrosive? What happens when the fragrance oil comes in contact with my clothing or furniture?

A: CHANDO’s fragrance oils have passed the SGS toxicity test, and are safe when used correctly. 

As the fragrance oil contains solvents that help to speed up diffusion and chemicals that stabilize the natural ingredients, they may react with materials like paint, plastic, glass or leather. The reaction only happens with these types of substances and will not react with human skin. 

In case of accidental spills onto any surfaces, please clean up immediately to prevent staining. When come in contact with clothing, wash off with normal detergent.