Blooming · Floral Intimacy - Lilac

Capturing the daintiness of a butterfly, ethereally attracted to the freshness from the scent. A highly polished porcelain with sandblasted grooves, varnished with modest exquisiteness.

SKU / Fragrance
CYT512MC / Midnight Crystal



Product Dimension

Packaging Dimension

Room Area
< 3sqm

Diffusion Duration
75 - 90 days



Midnight Crystal

  • A dreamy unification of Freesia and Carnation.

    In the nights of midsummer, be embraced in a sensuous captivity of Lily of the Valley. The veil of this scent is a dreamy unification of the exuberant Freesia and invigorating Carnation, painting the nights an elegant tranquility.

  • Soft


  • Top:Lotus, Freesia, Cowslip, Melon

    Heart: Peony, Carnation, Lily, Lily of the valley

    Base: Cedar, Musk, Ambary, Sandalwood

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