Myst · Subtle Grace

The Iris and Orchid blossoms release a subtle scent of grace across the starry night. Inspired by their refined poise and unshakable spirit, immerse yourself in this cloud of new generation femininity.

SKU / Fragrance
CMS420ML / Midnight Lotus



Product Dimension

Packaging Dimension

Room Area
< 3sqm

Diffusion Duration
60 - 90 days



Midnight Lotus

  • A lemony sweet dreamscape bringing the Lotus to full bloom.

    Immerse your senses completely in this dreamscape, surrounded by a light fragrance on the boat ride. Travel through the lotus pond as a lemony sweetness lingers in the air, bringing the Lotus to full bloom.

  • Soft


  • Top:Italy Mandarin Orange, China Juicy Peach, Lemon

    Heart: Asia Lotus, India Jasmine, Turkey Rose

    Base: Amber, White Musk , Cedarwood

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