Myst · Peach Blossom

A bountiful of spring's warmth suppressed in a burgundy glassware, thrilled to be released via the peach blossoms.

SKU / Fragrance
CMS421CA / Carnation & Apricot



Product Dimension

Packaging Dimension

Room Area
< 20sqm

Diffusion Duration
3 - 5 months



Carnation & Apricot

  • A generous blend of sensual and revitalizing blooms of Carnation and Apricot.

    Sensual yet revitalizing, this fragrance radiates positivity, washing off every ounce of lethargy with fresh blooms of Carnation and Apricot. The generous blend of notes harmonizes to emit warmth and lasting freshness.

  • Soft


  • Top:Lily of the Valley, Rose

    Heart: Carnation, Apricot

    Base: Orchid, Amber

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