Mini succulent_boyfriend

succulent plants bring you one pleasant state of mind: the philosophical and easygoing “Boy Friend”, the ignorant and cute “Girl Friend”, and the self-confident and modest “Good Friend”.

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CEG703WE / White Tide

White Tide



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White Tide

  • A sea scent rich with white bubbles, with a pronounced scent of sea salt and a hint of fruit and bloom.

    Classic sea tone, like strolling in an English seaside town. Waves crashing, air brimming with the briny scent of sea salt and crispy sea water, with a welcomed intrusion of white flower and almond, envelops you in a serene lifestyle aesthetics.

  • Soft


  • Top:Sea, Fruit, Water

    Heart: Cilantro, Anise, White Flower

    Base: Hawthron, Almond

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